Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, though the second biggest city in Thailand is far less busy and populated than Bangkok. It is calm, fun and the perfect place for a true Thai experience. There is no place in the WORLD like Chiang Mai. Trust me. It’s one of those places you visit and never want to leave.

So if you have a couple days to kill in Chiang Mai, what should you do?

Firstly, EAT KHAO SOI. Ask the driver of the red truck also known as “song thaew” to take you to the best khao soi place he knows and he will probably take you to some place that is full of people having bowls of Khao Soi for 25 baht (yes less than $1) that will rock your world.

Secondly, the major things to do are simple but the reason you will need a couple days is because a number of things take full days. So lets talk about the things that take a longer time first

1. Elephant Nature Park

  • Founded by K. Lek who happens to be possibly the most beautiful and wonderful human being, the Elephant Nature Park is a full day of activities where you get to see how the elephants, who have sometimes been saved from very violent people who might have cut their tusks off or scratched their necks with chains etc. etc. are being taken care off
  • My advice for this is if you’re going during a busy time of the year (high season.. December/Jan) then most DEFINITELY make your booking far in advance so you most definitely have a spot
  • Also, go like their FB page for seriously cute pictures of baby elephants all the time

2. Flight of the Gibbon

  • Want to zipline through the forests of Chiang Mai? Flight of the Gibbon or a number of other companies can organize heaps of ziplines through the canopies of the Chiang Mai forests!

3. Toms Tours

  • Tom is a boss man who will take you hiking through the mountains and rafting down the rivers of Chiang Mai. He will also take you to see the long-neck villages, orchid farms etc. etc. and if you wish on an elephant ride as well
  • For this tour, definitely bring your bathing suit so you can go swimming in the waterfall at the top of the hike! Its only a 40 minute hike but it’s fun and you get to eat lunch at the top!
  • (friend him on fb and contact him so you can go on his tour!)

4. Tiger Farm/Doi Suthep

  • Though these are on totally different sides of Chiang Mai, if you have an extra day to spare, then going to see seriously sedated tigers for a couple pictures might be worth it
  • Doi Suthep is a beautiful temple at the top of a mountain but I reckon you will be seeing a lot of temples throughout Thailand. The beauty of Thailand is each temple is different so definitely check it out if you get time and don’t forget to buy snacks and postcards on your way down!

5. Night Life

  • If you want to party like a rockstar, just kidding, if you want to party like a trashy backpacker and be super nasty then definitely go to Zoe in the Yellow. It’s gross. Bring toilet paper and get drunk enough that you’re willing to use a really nasty squatty potty that you’ll have to pay for. Oh and bring hand sanitizer too.

6. Get a massage and look up good cafes and cake places

  • Thailand has some seriously charming cake and coffee spots so if you have an afternoon to spare, get a massage, have a good coffee and a cake somewhere and go have an evening drink a boutique hotel.
  • It’s about the little things in life, you know what I mean?

-That’s all for Chiang Mai folks

Here are some pictures of our adventures:

IMG_3463 IMG_3485 IMG_4151 IMG_3732 IMG_3596


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